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Renewing Facial Toner

Elixir Spritzer is an all-natural, renewing facial mist that combines skin-nourishing ingredients with the power of aromatherapy. Elixir Spritzer uses carefully selected essential oils to heal blemishes, fight aging and inflammation, and refresh your outlook. 

Hand Crafted Beard Oil

Inspired by Britain's greatest detective, "Pipe and Pages" beard oil has notes of rich, nostalgic pipe tobacco, woodsy bay leaf, invigorating orange and clove, and grounding (much like dear Watson) lavender oil.

Solid Perfumes

Solid perfume represents one of the earliest forms of fine fragrances, and it has been a statement beauty trend throughout many iconic cultural movements--worn by ancient Egyptians, flappers, and hippies alike! 

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About Us

Who are we?

Bloom is a small, Southern company that specializes in handcrafting lavender-oil based products with a distinctly retro flair. Though we are based in the South, we use organic, high-quality lavender oil produced by our family's honey and lavender farm in the Pacific Northwest (our sister company, Bee in Bloom). Katie is the primary artisan behind Bloom, and her creations bring together her love of vintage, lavender oil, and the belief that good things should "bloom from the inside out." Each product is crafted with high-quality essential oils and ingredients, selected both for their therapeutic benefits and for the way they harmonize with each other. We want our fragrances to not only work well and smell great, but to be as natural, pure, and fun as possible!